Unmatched design

A contest workshop is a new form created specifically for the development of architectural concept of the theatre renovation. It combines in itself the choice of the best design project with an educational function. Participants include emerging Russian architecture firms that will be dealing with contest proposals under the aegis of the curator — a global architect who was involved behind similar top ranked architectural projects. The preliminary selection of participants in the process of competitive negotiations will allow selecting the most promising ideas and guarantee quality results.

Curator —
Roger Watts

Roger Watts is a director of the practice Haworth Tompkins (London), who is behind the design of performing arts projects. The portfolio of the bureau includes over a dozen renovation projects, theatres and cultural centers, including the renovation project of the Royal National Theatre in London, built in 1976 and restored to its historical look in 2015. The project was nominated for a few professional awards, including the national award of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

Professional competition jury

The project will engage experts in design and maintenance of theatres and architectural heritage of the 21st century.

Talented emerging architects

The contest should open the way to the talented Russian architects who already have some practical experience and are ready to join the top architecture firms in Russia.

At the first stage, 15 teams will present their vision of the contest assignment to the curator of the project. The jury will pick up 3 teams with the most vibrant ideas to be developed under the aegis of the curator within the course of contest projects.The jury will select one winning project.

Phases of the contest

Founders and partners