The Curator of The Architecture Contest for Renovation Concept of The Drama Theatre in Veliky Novgorod Took Part in An Online Excursion of The Theatre Building

14 september

Roger Watts, director of the Haworth Tompkins architectural studio based in London and curator of the The Architecture Contest for Renovation Concept of The Drama Theatre in Veliky Novgorod, examined the site under design in an online excursion given by Anna Bronovitskaya.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, architects are facing new challenges related to restricted access to sites in other countries. As part of the competition for the reconstruction concept of the drama theatre, Strelka KB specialists dealt with the difficulties that have come up by organising a three-hour interactive online tour of the theatre building for the international curator of the competition, Roger Watts.

Anna Bronovitskaya PhD in Art History, Research Director of the Institute of Modernism, lecturer at the Moscow School of Architecture (MARSH). Author of numerous publications on 20th century architecture, including the books: “Moscow: Architecture of Soviet Modernism. 1955-1991" and "Alma-Ata: Architecture of Soviet Modernism. 1955-1991".

КThe competition for the development of the reconstruction concept for the theatre building was launched on August 12. The objective of the competition is to preserve the unique architecture of the drama theatre built by the architect Vladimir Somov in the 1970s-80s, enhance it with modern architectural designs, as well as fill the new theatre with a variety of cultural and leisure functions. This will increase the appeal of the theatre and Veliky Novgorod among Russian and international tourists and help draw attention to the originality and value of the late 20th century architecture.

The competition was initiated by the Government of the Novgorod Region. The competition has been organised with the support of DOM.RF, a financial development institution in the housing sector, and Akron, one of the largest producers of mineral fertilisers and industrial products, based in Veliky Novgorod. The competition is being managed by Strelka KB, a consulting company.

The DOM.RF Foundation was established by DOM.RF Joint Stock Corporation in 2016. One of the main focuses of the Foundation’s activities is collaboration in creating comfortable living conditions and the formation of a pleasant urban environment. In compliance with an order from Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev, and as part of the national Housing and Urban Environment project, the Foundation developed the Integrated Guidelines for Urban Development, a methodological guideline with recommendations on the development and realisation of housing construction projects in redevelopment or new construction conditions, as well as under planned construction on new territories and the development of open public spaces. The Fund's activities cover more than 60 cities in 50 regions of the country.

Strelka KB is a leading Russian company that provides strategic consulting services in urban planning. Since 2013, Strelka has been providing assistance in developing urban planning, economy, management and technologies on the basis of the need of citizens. The company develops integrated solutions to improve mobility, environmental friendliness, sustainability of urban environment, quality and availability of housing. Strelka KB provides architectural competition services to include Russian cities in the international agenda.

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